Full Lettings Management

sketch of block of flats in FolkestoneAre you a Landlord looking for Full Management Service for your property? If you are tired of agents who don’t prioritise you and your needs, you can rest assured that at Cameron Lettings, we do not sell property, we only let and manage property. We specialise in lettings and property management, and have the expertise to manage your property, backed by years of experience.

In fact, we have over 25 years of experience in residential lettings and are able to provide an unparalleled level of management services to Landlords who are looking for more. The complete package, for peace of mind with extra attention to detail.

Our Full Management Service Includes:

We visit your property and assess it’s monthly rental value based on our local knowledge, the property’s location, number of bedrooms and the current market. We aim to provide a realistic valuation, not just a figure to seek an instruction.

As a landlord, rents are inclusive of ground rent (flats), buildings insurance, EPC and Annual Gas Safety Certificates.

We review rents annually, negotiating rent increases prior to renewing tenancy agreements.

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required before we can start marketing.

We advertise regularly on the internet and can erect a ‘To Let’ sign board if required.  We maintain a list of properties on our own website as well.

We re-market the property immediately your tenant gives notice to vacate and keep you posted of new prospective tenants.

We undertake accompanied viewings of your property on your behalf.

We take every possible precaution to ensure that the tenancy runs smoothly. We interview the prospective tenant and check their suitability. The prospective tenant is fully vetted by obtaining proof of ID, a Credit Search Report(CCJ’s) and references from both Employers and a previous Landlord.

If the tenant proceeds with an application they are charged a small application fee. Once all the appropriate checks have been completed satisfactorily, we will make our recommendations to you for the tenancy to be granted. The final decision regarding their suitability is, however, of course, yours.

We will prepare a comprehensive Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement as defined in the Housing Act 1988, (amended in 1996 and 2004). This agreement is accepted by Solicitors, Banks and Building Societies. The agreement’s duration will be not less than six months. If tenants are looking to end the tenancy after the initial six months, they are required to give one month’s notice.

We serve all relevant Notices, required by the Housing Act 1988, (amended in 1996 and 2004).

We recommend an Inventory Clerk is employed to provide a detailed Inventory and Condition Report of your property prior to occupation, which we can arrange.

We ask you to provide two sets of keys, one for the tenant and one to be held in our office, in case of emergency, so that access can be gained quickly.

On the day the tenancy begins, we will collect the first month’s rent together with a deposit.

The rent, less any deductions is forwarded to you at the end of each month, by bank BACS transfer. We forward a Statement Of Account detailing rent received and any deductions, commission / maintenance invoices by email.  Please note:- we have an accounting cut-off date, rent received prior to the 15th of each month, will be forwarded at the end of that month.  Rent received after the 15th will be forwarded at the end of the following month.

Any non-payment of rent will be chased and investigated.  We will keep you updated and advise you of the best course of action.

The deposit is collected to cover any rent arrears, dilapidations / damage caused by the tenant during the tenancy. The deposit is required by law to be protected either by an insurance or a custodial scheme.  We transfer the deposit to the Deposit Protection Service (DPS).

We ask the tenant to notify their preferred Utility companies of the meter readings and the local Council for Council Tax when they start their new tenancy. Tenants are liable for all utility services and Council Tax. As a landlord you are not responsible for the non-payment of any utility bills or Council Tax during the tenancy.

When the tenancy begins, we will collect the first months rent in advance in cleared funds, along with a deposit. Future rents can be paid by Standing Order, cheque or cash each month by the tenant.

We will arrange the rental monies to be paid into your designated bank account and provide a detailed monthly statement of received funds less any deductions.

We conduct regular visits to your property to make sure it is being looked after. We survey the property and note any repair work needed, advising you according.

We build up a rapport with your tenant to ensure that any maintenance issues are brought to our attention, so that they are dealt with in a timely manner.

We can call upon a number of trusted local tradesmen to provide emergency call-outs or provide quotations for less urgent work. We notify you by email when any maintenance issues occur.

We ask all tenants to inform us of any defects promptly.

You are legally responsible for ensuring your property is in a good state of repair:

  • Exterior walls
  • Interior walls and ceilings, with the exception of minor, easily-repaired cracks
  • Floors must be safe and structurally sound
  • Electrical wiring, sockets and switches
  • Baths, sinks and toilets
  • Water supply
  • Water tanks
  • Heating
  • Roofs and gutters
  • Drains, unless the tenant is at fault
  • Stairs, lifts & balconies

The tenant is legally responsible for:

  • Promptly reporting defects to us, and providing access for repairs
  • Replacement of batteries in smoke alarms
  • Replacement of light bulbs
  • Sink and bath plugs
  • Keeping floor coverings in reasonable condition, i.e. carpet and vinyl flooring
  • Maintaining the garden, where applicable

Landlords have a duty to ensure all gas appliances in the property are inspected annually. We can arrange the annual CP12 Gas Safety Certificate and keep records of the safety check, date of inspection and take note of any defects in the appliances, notifying you to repair or replace any faulty equipment.

Non-compliance could result in you being fined £5000 or receive a 6 month’s prison sentence.

When your tenant wishes to vacate, the agreement states one month’s notice must be given after the initial six months.

We notify you of the vacating date and immediately re-market your property.

We arrange a ‘Check Out’ meeting. We then meet your tenant on their vacating day, check the Inventory, condition of the property and collect the keys.

The return of their deposit is arranged through the DPS.  If there are any dilapidations, rent arrears or disputes, this is dealt with through the Dispute Resolution Service offered by the DPS.

Want slightly less looking after ? Try our Tenant Finding Service. If you want complete peace of mind, we have the experience to handle every aspect of managing your property.  If you would like to find out more about our Full Management Service, please contact our friendly team today on 01303 248 179 on contact us online.

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